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Name: Dave Cy

Birthdate: 10/06/78

Birthplace: Milwaukee, WI

High School: West Allis Nathan Hale

College: 5 Years @ UW-Milwaukee / Still don't know how many more years at Marion

Height: 5'11"

Weight: Never more that 200lbs NOW!

Eyes: Depends on the time of day....Usually Green

Hair: Sandy blond

Instruments Played: Main instrument DRUMS, dabble in Bass, Guitar, Recorder

Musical Favorites/Influences: My Mom, the piano teacher, my Dad, the drummer, Rush, Steely Dan, The Police, Moody Blues, Yes, Beatles.....Chuck, Blaine, and Jake - What ever bullshit we have to listen to on the way to a gig......And various new Hip - Hop such as N.E.R.D and Jay-Z.

When you first started playing: 4 years old, with Sticks and a pillow, took formal lessons starting at age 7.

Why do you play music?: I have no choice! When I was a kid our speakers were bigger than the 13" black & white, so we listened to music. And let us not forget the relaxation factor that comes with playing the drums....Ahhhhhhhh.............If I didn't play i'd be a dick!